Self Storage Design & Construction

A complete package for the Self Storage Industry

Rodger Giles Builders has the people, the knowledge and the experience to construct your next self storage facility, providing a complete design and self storage unit construction package.

Self storage systems

We can assist you with the following services:

  • Site selection and free feasibility study to ensure the site is suitable for a self storage facility;
  • Assess the potential 'return on investment' as source of 'income';
  • Review opportunities to capitalise on existing storage facilities;
  • Concept designs, site planning and building layouts to maximise the income potential of the site;
  • Unit mix, access control and site security to maximise the security and convenience for your self-storage customers;
  • Full Project Management to ensure cost effective construction;
  • Ongoing advice based on our detailed knowledge of the self storage market and your local area

New buildings

Our custom 'bolt together structures' enable us to construct your self storage system as cost-effectively as possible. These bolt together buildings are ideally suited to regional areas because they can be manufactured locally and are delivered to your site with the roof and wall sheeting, fit out and roller doors, therefore, minimising transport costs.

We carefully manage the onsite activity and employ local trade people to erect the structures and install the space layout.

Retro fit

We frequently provide consultation on site selection and opportunities to capitalise on existing self storage facilities. We are able to refurbish existing self storage facilities and buildings using our developed internal storage space partition fit-out system. Extensions to existing facilities can normally take place with minimal disruption to customers.

Partition wall system

Partition wall system enables a custom design for your storage facility whether this is a new development or the redevelopment or expansion of an existing facility.

Mezzanine floor system

The mezzanine floor system allows you to maximise the space available at your facility allowing you to achieve greater yields with more storage per floor area.

Wine storage lockers

Wine storage enables you to broaden your market share in the self storage market by offering climate controlled wine storage options. Climate controlled environments are very important for wine to mature and the cellars are all access controlled and individual doors are all alarmed.

Lighting & access control

The last stage of the construction project is to establish that you have appropriate security, lighting and access control for the whole development, ensuring that your self storage customers have the levels of security they need with easy access whenever they need it.

Goods lift

Offering a goods lift at your facility enables customers easy access to transport their goods to higher level floors.

Self storage systems

Self Storage Services